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March 28 Brazilian Anti-Dumping Duty on China's Acid Pyrophosphate

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Business Club March 28th
       Original title: Brazilian Anti-Dumping Duty on Chinese Acid Pyrophosphate, Xingfa Group is appealing
       According to the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade of Brazil issued an announcement on March 17, deciding to impose a six-month provisional anti-dumping tax on acid sodium pyrophosphate imported from China, with a tax amount of US$769.37/t to US$2201.07/ Ton. The Chinese company involved in the case is currently appealing.
        On November 18, 2013, the anti-dumping investigation authority in Brazil announced an anti-dumping investigation against China's sodium acid pyrophosphate. Brazil has not recognized China as a market economy country and uses the United States as an alternative country to calculate the dumping margins of Chinese export enterprises. The application alleges that the normal value of Chinese products is US$3615.585/tonne (ex-factory price), while China’s export price is US$1218.50/tonne (FOB price). Brazil believes that China's acid sodium pyrophosphate dumps 2,397.08 per ton. In US dollars, the dumping margin was 196.7%.
            (Source: Great wisdom Astark News Agency)

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