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Urea phosphate

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Detailed introduction:
Detailed introduction:
Chemical formula: H3P04·CO(NH2)2
Molecular weight: 158.06
Product standard: Q/62089823-7.3-2002
Character: It is a colorless and transparent crystal with a melting point of 117.3°C, soluble in water, insoluble in ether, toluene, methyl chloride and dioxane, and its aqueous solution is acidic.
Technical indicators:
 Index name
 P2O5                                                           %≥
 Nitrogen (in N)                                          %≥
 pH value (1% aqueous solution)
 Water                                                         %≤
 Heavy metal (Pb)                                      %≤
 Arsenic (calculated as As)                         %≤
 Fluoride (in F)                                            %≤
 Water insoluble matter                            %≤
Uses: Urea phosphate can provide abundant phosphorus and non-protein nitrogen for animals, and can promote the conversion of other nutrients in feed, especially for the development of grain-saving, low-fat herbivores, the effect is very obvious. It is used as feed additives for cattle, sheep, horses and other animals or for green silage. The product has obvious effects on milking and weight gain of dairy cows and dairy goats. It can increase milk by 12kg, goat milk by 9kg and increase weight by 5.4kg per kilogram of product.
   1. When used as a feed additive, the livestock is added at a rate of 20g per 100kg per day, and the milk production can be increased. The proportion of 0.8-1% was added to the concentrate, and the level of other proteins in the sperm was different.
   2. For storage of green materials, 250kg of green material can be stored per kilogram of the product.
    Application method: Dissolve in water and spray on fodder and stalks. Mix with a variety of coarse and rough feeds to feed livestock or spray on green materials for storage.
     Storage: The product is easy to decompose, should be stored at room temperature, not near heat, moisture absorption does not affect the efficiency of the feed.

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